今天我们了解一下关于加强网名监管力度的新闻。单词量不小,虽然多数是小词但是 都特别重要!
题目:China bans 'vulgar' web pseudonyms
析:vulgar 庸俗的;粗俗的;不雅的(反正不是好词)pseudonyms:假名
China's internet watchdog says the restrictions will "protect" users' rights. China’s internet watchdog has banned web users from posting messages under the names of famous people.
restrict→restriction :限制,规定
impose / place restrictions on sth 对某事实行限制≠ lift restrictions on sth对某事撤销限制
ban做名词时:to impose / lift a ban 颁布/解除禁令;做动词时 ban sb from doing sth 禁止某人做某事。
post 做名词 工作,职位 ≈position短语:apply for a post 申请职位;appoint sb to a post 任命某人出任某个职位做动词时指:邮寄,张贴(公告),发布(利润)
The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) said it was combating the "vulgar culture" of using names like Barack Obama, or those of Chinese officials.
析:combat:战斗,斗争 We must combat our own shortcomings and errors.我们必须与自己的缺点和错误做斗争
It said nicknames should not include information that could violate the constitution, subvert state power, undermine national security or promote rumour-mongering.
析: violate the constitution:违反宪法
power:力量,能力,政权(文中) subvert state power 颠覆国家政权
In addition, web users must sign a pledge to avoid "illegal and unhealthy" internet activity, and register accounts under their real names even if they want to post under nicknames.
析:pledge:做名词指 保证 the government's pledge to make no deals with terrorists政府不向恐怖分子妥协的保证 register:名词 登记薄;动词 登记,注册。