标题:China drops US tech giants from approved list
★approved list:批准名单;核准名单
Cisco(思科), Apple, McAfee(迈克菲) and Citrix(思杰公司) have all been dropped from China's official list of approved products, according to the Reuters news agency.
★drop from:掉;拿掉;撤下
The change means the companies' products are no longer on a list used by government departments to equip offices and data centres.
★equip:v 装备→equipment n 设备,装备
★centre:〔商业或其他活动的〕中心(地区):business / commercial / financial centre; be the centre of attention成为关注的焦点; centre on / upon 集中于:(例)The debate centred on funding for health services.这次辩论集中于社会保健服务的资金问题上。
Instead of the US tech firms, the approved list now recommends home-grown alternatives including Huawei and ZTE.
★recommend:v 推荐,建议→recommendation: n 推荐;建议;推荐信
★alternative:n 替代品;adj 代替的,可再生的alternative energy
The move is seen as a way for China to boost its native tech industry.
★native:native New Yorker / population / inhabitants土生土长的纽约人/当地人口/当地居民;native language / tongue 母语。
Router maker Cisco is one of the biggest losers in the purge(清理). In 2012, the hi-tech firm had about 60 separate products on the Central Government Procurement Centre's list. Now, it has none.
Analysis by Reuters suggests that the number of foreign firms on the list as a whole has dropped by about a third. Companies making security-related hardware(硬件) and software(软件) seem to have fared the worst.
★a third:三分之一
★fare:n 票价 half-fare半价~;v 进展。常和well / badly / better等连用表示成功/失败/更成功…如:Although Chicago has fared better than some cities, unemployment remains a problem.虽说芝加哥比其他一些城市情况好些,但失业仍是个问题。
Some speculated(推测) that one reason for the cull was ongoing allegations(指控) from National Security Agency whistle-blower(告密者) Edward Snowden about the extent of surveillance (监视)that US had been carrying out.
★ongoing:adj 不间断的
In addition, by favouring indigenous firms, China could be seeking to bolster the prospects of its tech sector, he said.
★In addition:此外
★bolster:v 增强;支持