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不知道大家关不关心新闻,最近欧洲希腊那边还是挺热闹的。今天还是经济类新闻, 学几个必会经济类文章常见单词。
题目 Eurozone deflation gathers pace in January
(Eurozone 合成词 欧元区 deflation 经济紧缩 gather pace 加快脚步 加快进程)
Deflation across the 19 countries that use the Eurozone currency is gathering pace.
(currency:货币 hard currency硬通货;强势货币。 别装了,不懂什么叫硬通货就 自己快去百度)
In January, prices in the Eurozone were 0.6% down on their levels a year ago.(翻译的专业一点儿,比去年同期水平……)
A large contributor to falling prices is the cost of energy, with oil prices down almost 60% on the middle of last year,
(contributor 来自 contribute 多指造成 (不良后果 )因素。作文句型 A large contributor to…is…用于分析原因。)
Energy prices plunged 8.9% in January.
(plunge:下降;急降;突降:Share prices plunged as a result of the gloomy economic forecast.因为经济展望暗淡,因而股票价格大跌。)
If food and energy are stripped out of the calculations, Eurozone prices were still rising at an inflation rate of 0.5%, down from 0.7% the month before.
(strip A out of B:B中不包括 A,把 A从 B中除去 ★inflation≠deflation=通货膨胀)