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5 Mobile Marketing Challenges to Expect in 2016
作者:Matei Gavril, ‌ During 2015 time spent on mobile media surpassed that spent on desktops. Mobile marketing strategies have grown in response to this shift. As we look ahead to 2016, mobile marketing watchers are expecting several trends.
surpass :means to outdo someone or something, to go beyond what was expected. ≈exceed, outdo, excel
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    Increased spending on mobile ads.
For one, companies are expected to spend more on mobile ads, nearly $70 billion worldwide according to Smart Insights. With this increased investment, companies, organizations and businesses will need to have -- if they don’t already -- an effective mobile marketing strategy to ensure their online presence.
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    Adapting online marketing strategy.
Along with this increase mobile usage and mobile ad spending comes the reality and challenge of the low conversion rate(转化率) of mobile marketing and higher bounce rates(跳出率) of mobile devices. Online marketers will be developing new strategies to deal with this and change it. Businesses can’t sit idly(懒散的) by and hope that things will work out. Successful online marketing in this kind of ever-changing environment requires a proactive and innovative approach.
conversion rate 转化率
bounce rates 跳出率
ever-changing 不断变化的,可以理解为dynamic。
Successful …… in this kind of ever-changing environment requires a proactive and innovative approach.这句话可以作为写作素材积累
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    Enhancing user experience.
The key to addressing the challenges of mobile marketing is enhancing user experience in 2016 is to provide consumers, customers and clients with more payment options, more company interaction options, more long-term engagement opportunities and more convenience, all of which they associate with desktop usage. People want the same kind of convenience, connectivity and opportunity they have on their desktop on the go, wherever and whenever they want.
One report states that consumers spend 86 percent of their online time on a mobile app, rather than on the Internet. This same report also suggests that 79 percent of smartphone owners use apps every day. Companies need to be looking into is creating an app for themselves. An app almost completely bypasses the need for mobile users to go on the Internet to engage with a website to conduct business. It gives customers direct access to your company, business or organization. There are apps of all kinds out there from movie apps to health apps etc.. There is no reason why your business should not have one.
In addition, instead of you waiting for them to remember you or happen upon your product or company when they’re online, your logo/icon on their phone will remind them of your product and/or service every time they scroll past it.
happen upon≈ come across 偶然发现
bypass 绕过 ,short-circuit 超近路
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    User security.
With this shift from desktop access to apps and mobile access, the onus(责任,义务) for maintaining consumer security will fall more heavily on app designers. Companies need to be aware of this shift and put measures in place that protect app users as much as those who purchase through the website. Not doing so puts companies at risk of losing the brand trust held by their clients.
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    Search engine results will display more than pages.
Google is already displaying videos in search results. Google has also started displaying video ads. Other search engines, and social media networking platforms including Facebook and Twitter, are adding auto-playing video ads and Vines to their search results. With video ads already starting to make inroads, it’s not too far of a stretch to imagine that apps will soon follow suit.
记住这个表达social media networking platforms
inroad :to start to have a direct and noticeable effect (on something)
Mobile searching will become more intuitive to how we swipe and tap our way through our smartphones, getting further away from typing and closer to voice recognition-based searching.
With the increased usage of mobile phones to do everything from grocery shopping to booking travel, 2016 will be a year of great transition and development of mobile-friendly measures that will keep people connected with the businesses they need.
下面这半句话应该积累,用在相关主题作文里绝对没问题。With the increased usage of mobile phones to do everything from grocery shopping to booking travel,……