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Computer-education advocates forsake this optimistic notion for a pessimism that betrays their otherwise cheery outlook.
可能这个句子没有多难,但是你知道otherwise 如何翻译么?
otherwise:副词 否则,相反地
  1. 1.
    • 例句: In a fight, the otherwise friendly neighbor pounds his head with a brick.
    • The drug would save at least some babies and mothers from their otherwise terrible fate.
    • Take depression. It at least doubles an otherwise healthy person's heart-attack risk .
    • The new medicine saved me from an illness which might otherwise have been hopeless.
    • They exercise a disproportionate influence on our policy, forcing our national leaders to give uncompromising attention to something that would otherwise affect us little.
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    但是 otherwise 往往仍保持“另有不同”的意义,其“不同”的对应对象,视具体情况而定。
    • 例句: The program must be reviewed and updated quarterly unless otherwise required by law.
    • This use of the word is now common in clothing advertisements and catalogs but is otherwise rare.
      该单词的这种用法,现已普遍见诸成衣广告与产品目录,但在他处仍然罕见(这里的 otherwise 代替了副词 elsewhere )。
  3. 3.
    • 例句: the stability or otherwise of this resolved and obstinate war Government.
      这个坚定顽强的战时政府的稳定与否(这里的 otherwise 代替了名词 instability )
    • We are shown portraits, prints, and drawings, contemporary and otherwise.
      我们看到了一些肖像、印张、画片,有现代的,有从前的(这里的 otherwise 代替了形容词 not contemporary)