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标题:Fire rips through Dubai skyscraper
rip through:裂开,横冲直撞;猛烈爆炸
A fire has swept through the Torch skyscraper in Dubai, one of the tallest residential buildings in the world.
Strong winds helped the blaze to spread across the 336.1m (1,105ft) high building in the marina district.
sweep: v 打扫;(风,火,水)横扫,掠过;(思想、信仰)迅速传播,席卷。
residential→resident: n 居民
One eyewitness told the BBC "there was debris flying everywhere, falling into neighbouring buildings". Later reports said the fire was under control.
It is not known what caused the blaze. Hundreds of people were evacuated and there are no reports of any casualties.
blaze:n 火灾,烈火,大火〔尤用于新闻报道〕; v 大肆宣扬 The story was blazed all over the daily papers. 那个传闻被各家报纸炒得沸沸扬扬。
evacuate:v 疏散,撤离。→evacuation: n 疏散
casualty: 意外事故;伤亡人员,受害者。
Footage posted on social media showed what looked like molten glass and pieces of masonry falling down. There appeared to be two separate fires on the skyscraper
pieces of masonry: 砖石碎片
"In an hour-and-a-half the fire is almost out on about 60 floors, it looks like mostly the outer apartments(公寓) that are damaged," eyewitness Rola told the BBC.She said it looked like the blaze started on the 50th floor.
"It's an iconic building, people were out on balconies all around it watching - even though it was 3am (23:00 GMT Saturday)," she said.
iconic: 英文释义 An iconic image or thing is important or impressive because it seems to be a symbol of something.
"The civil defence came really quickly and they have said there were no casualties, everybody was told to evacuate in a timely manner and we think every body is OK."(画外音,这么高的楼着火竟然所有人都及时撤离没有伤亡,我们做得到么?)
Cyrille Sekretev, who lives in the nearby Princess Tower, later told the BBC that all the residents of that building had been asked to evacuate but were later allowed to return. "I saw four floors on fire, then 20, then 60. It was very windy, so that really didn't help the situation. We were very scared that the wind would spread the fire."