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Xi Says Bigger China Role in Global Economy Benefits Neighbors
(Bloomberg) -- President Xi Jinping pressed his case with Asian neighbors and international business leaders that they stand to gain from China asserting its growing economic influence in the region and beyond.
★Press one’s case: press: to express or repeat sth with force 强调,坚持 这个短语可以理解为强调某人的观点,陈述某件事情
例句:His officials have visited Washington to press their case for economic aid.他的官员们已经访问了华盛顿,竭力要求得到经济援助。 外刊标题:Obama must press his case on inequality
★stand to do sth: to be likely to do or have something很可能会做某事,可能有某物:
搭配:Stand to gain / lose / win / make
例句 What do firms think they stand to gain by merging? 公司认为通过合并会得到什么好处?
After the oil spill, thousands of fishermen stand to lose their livelihoods. 石油泄漏发生后,许多渔民很可能会失去生计。
In a speech Saturday at the annual Boao Forum on the southern island of Hainan, Xi said that even with economic growth slowing, China can still offer Asian nations trade and investment opportunities. He touted(宣扬,夸耀) the $40 billion Silk Road Economic Belt and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank -- programs that may bolster(加强) China's own economy, which posted the slowest growth in more than two decades last year.
★Annual: 一年一次的 annual report.年度报告。
The Silk Road targets growth in countries along the historic trading route linking China and Europe, which may create demand for Chinese goods. The AIIB is aimed at financing construction in Asia, potentially bolstering business for China's road, train and bridge builders.
★Aimed at doing sth. :意在做某事
★Construct: v 建造,构成 construction: n 外刊例句:China and Egypt have pledged to promote cooperation on big construction projects.中国和埃及承诺加强大型建设工程的合作。
“Facing the fast-changing regional and international situation, we must see the whole picture, follow the trends of our times and build a regional order that is more beneficial to Asia and the world,” Xi said.
★Picture:情况;局面。在很多文章中 big picture不能翻译成大画,而是“全局”的意思。
The Silk Road initiative has attracted interest from more than 60 countries and international organizations, Xi said. China plans to improve its investment environment(改善投资环境) and welcomes all nations to join the initiative, Xi told his audience, which included government officials from Malaysia, Australia and Kazakhstan.
“If I was the prime minister of Kazakhstan, I'd be pretty excited,” Jim O'Neill, former chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, said in an interview with Bloomberg Television on the sidelines of the forum. For China, the program “gives a lot of hope and focus to the western areas.”
China and Europe are not standing on the sidelines. Neither should we."中国和欧洲没有靠边站,我们也不应该这样。"
It's possible more young workers are sitting on the sidelines. And another analyst says that's not a good sign.有可能是更多的年轻工人正在观望。另一位分析师表示这不是一个好现象。
On the sidelines that gathering, Kerry held talks with Russia's foreign minister. 在会议期间,克里与俄罗斯外交部长举行了会谈。