You can't fault Jack Ma's ambition: the founder of Alibaba says his giant company is still in its infancy.
fault做动词常与否定形式连用,意味(无可)挑剔,找茬儿,指责 。If you cannot fault someone, you cannot find any reason for criticizing them or the things that they are doing.
infancy :婴儿期,也只某个公司或者某项事业的初创阶段 )
"Compared to 15 years ago we're big, compared to 15 years [from now], we're still a baby," Ma said at the World Economic Forum, setting out his vision to turn the Chinese e-commerce group into a global platform for small business.
set out 陈述,阐明;出发,启程
The last time Ma came to Davos was in 2008, when the world was gripped by the financial crisis.
financial crisis 经济危机。类似的表达还有 economic depression 和 economic crisis
China's richest man has spent those seven years making one of the most influential Internet retail companies in the world, or in his words, giving "something in return." Alibaba is now worth nearly $260 billion, more than Facebook and way more than IBM.
retail 零售 The recommended retail price is £9.99. 建议零售价为 9.99 英镑。
way 在文章中的意思是 远远地 非常 The tickets were way more expensive than I thought.票比我想的要贵多了。