Toyota to build plant in China in investment splurge
www.businessinsider.com11日, 2015
Toyota is planning to build a new plant in northern China as the world's top automaker ramps up(提高) investment after a two-year freeze, reports said Saturday..
The news comes after(紧随……而来) reports that Toyota is planning to invest a combined $1.3 billion to build new plants in the Chinese city of Guangzhou and Guanajuato, Mexico.
The Japanese carmaker began operating a new Thai plant in 2013, but since then it has halted (停止)investment as the global car market has struggled with oversupply and weak demand.
At the new plant, Toyota will likely produce fuel-efficient passenger vehicles(节能型客运车辆) under a local brand through a joint venture(合资企业,联合经营) with a Chinese firm, the reports said.
The vehicles would meet stricter environmental regulations in China, where air pollution is a serious social problem.
Toyota kept its title as the world's biggest automaker last year as it announced record sales of 10.23 million vehicles, outpacing(超过)General Motors and Volkswagen(对一些常见的汽车品牌要有所了解,这两个是通用和大众).