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Odd-even rule clears millions of cars from streets of world's filthiest city ‌ New Delhi began a sweeping plan to reduce its record-high air pollution on Friday by limiting the numbers of cars on the streets for two weeks. The Indian capital is testing its odd-even scheme(单双号计划) where private cars will be allowed on the roads only on alternate days from January 1 to January 15, depending on whether their licence plates(汽车牌照)end in an even or an odd number. On Friday, most cars appeared to be following the rules and traffic was a trickle compared with the usual rush-hour(交通高峰时刻) chaos. But with schools and colleges shut and many offices closed for the new year holiday, far fewer people were on the roads.
record-high 历史最高
odd-even scheme 单双号计划 odd 在形容人时表示古怪的,如 odd people 古怪的人;在形容物时一方面可以表式怪异的,另一方面也可以表示不常见的,偶尔发生的 如smoke the odd cigarette 偶尔吸一支烟;另外还可指大约或稍微超过某一数量 如fifty-odd years 五十多年。even 作形容词时可以表示平滑的,平稳的;还可以指人平和的,平静的;形容比赛风可以表示势均力敌的;break even, to neither make a profit nor lose money 收支平衡;也可表示 同样可能: She has more than an even chance of winning tomorrow. 明天她获胜的机会要大些。
rush-hour 指所谓的高峰期。
The regulations came in after the World Health Organization last year named New Delhi the world's most polluted city. The city government has announced a number of exemptions to the rules, including politicians, judges, police and prison officials, women and sick people and two-wheelers such as motorbikes and scooters. Police appeared to be keeping a low profile Friday. Except for a handful of major intersections, where police and civil defence volunteers set up checkpoints to watch for wrong-numbered licence plates, there was little official presence on the roads. When cars were pulled over, the result was almost always a warning, not the $30 fine that has been announced.
和钱有关的一些单词: wage/ profit/ pension/ penalty/ fine/ bonus/ charge/ allowance/ expense/ outlay/ tuition
We’ll have to undertake even sterner(严格的) measures in the future to safeguard our health, and especially our children’s future. It has to become a movement.