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标题:Obama to urge tech firms to share data with government
US President Barack Obama will ask tech firms to share more information with security services and each other to tackle cybercrime.
tackle: 应付,处理,解决(难题或局面):The government is determined to tackle
inflation. 政府决心解决通货膨胀问题。 ; 与某人交涉;向某人提起(问题或困难情况)
参考译文:美国总统奥巴马要求科技公司在安全服务方面共享更多的信息并且共同应 对网络犯罪。
The White House confirmed ahead of a cyber security summit bringing together leading industry and law enforcement figures that the president would sign an executive order.
ahead of:在…之前;先于
leading industry :主导产业
enforcement: n 实施,执行
executive order:行政命令
参考译文:白宫确认在召集主导产业和执法部门的重要人物举行网络安全峰会之前总 统将会签署一项行政命令。
Besides Mr Obama, Apple's Tim Cook is also due to speak at the conference.
Top Google, Yahoo and Facebook executives turned down invitations.
turn down: v 拒绝 invitation: n 邀请
A rift has appeared between the president and senior industry figures over his calls for them to hand over more data.
hand over:交出
参考译文:由于要求他们交出更多的数据,总统和这些资深的业内人士的关系似乎已 经产生了裂痕。
According to a White House statement, the President would sign an advisory executive order encouraging the setting up of information sharing and analysis organisations (ISAOs) to help firms and government to share material on potential threats.
参考译文:根据白宫的声明,总统将会签署一项鼓励设立信息分享与分析机构的行政 命令以帮助企业和政府共享涉及潜在威胁的信息。
It will also develop a common set of voluntary standards for the organisations to follow, including the protection of civil liberties, the White House said.
参考译文:同时也会为这些组织制定一系列通用的非强制性标准,这其中就包括对公 民自由的保护。
Mr. Obama has also launched an intelligence unit to co-ordinate cyber-threat analysis. 参考译文:同时,奥巴马还成立了一个智囊团对网络威胁信息进行分析整合。