今天让我们来看看苹果公司多么会挣钱。干货很多,务必仔细看。很多单词在真题中 都多次出现,务必仔细看!
题目:Apple posts the biggest quarterly profit in history
(post做名词可以指工作,做动词在这里指 发布,公布,宣布且多跟利润/损失等, to officially record and announce information about a company's financial situation or a country's economic situation
例句:Cisco Systems posted record profits and sales for the third fiscal quarter. 思科系统公司公布了第三个财政季度创纪录的利润和销售情况。)
US technology giant Apple has reported the biggest quarterly profit ever made by a public company.
(giant 就是我们常说的巨头)
Apple reported a net profit of $18bn (£11.8bn) in its fiscal first quarter, which tops the $15.9bn made by ExxonMobil in the second quarter of 2012, according to Standard and Poor's.
(net不要理解成网,在这里指:净的 net profit 翻译为净利润 这个短语在真题中是出现过的。)
Record sales of iPhones were behind the surge in profits. Apple sold 74.5 million iPhones in the three months to 27 December - well ahead of most analysts' expectations.
(从这两句句我们可以看出,利润的剧增主要来自于苹果手机的畅销,而且苹果手机的销量远远高于多数专家的预期。这里的 well约等于 very)
In a conference call with financial analysts Apple's chief executive Tim Cook said that demand for phones was "staggering".
executive 这个名词绝对是考研真题了经济类文章最爱出现的名词之一了,你必须要认识,指 a manager in an organization or company who helps make important
decisions〔机构或公司的〕主管,经理:例如 a marketing executive 营销主管 今天你终于知道了 CEO究竟是个什么鬼,再也不是那个只知道 CEO 却说不出来全拼的土人了。
CEO就是 Chief Executive Officer: the person with the most authority in a large company总裁,首席执行官
The demand for Apple's larger iPhone 6 Plus model appeared to help boost profits and increase the iPhone's gross profit margin - or how much Apple makes per phone - by 2% to 39.9%.
(gross profit margin是指毛利润率,希望你能把这三个单词都自己查查,真题中出现过不止一次。)